Unicamels enroll in primary school

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels enroll in primary school! #Thermomixer is so yesterday’s trend! Cappadocia here we come! +++
_MG_3546Despite a short night -we arrived at drivers’ camp at 4 am -the Unicamels continued their road trip early. On today’s agenda were a lot of kilometres, the enrollment and handing over our prepared satchel with a personal letter for our pupil in Düzyayla. First stop was Sivas for sightseeing and lunch.
_MG_3519 _MG_3522 Afterwards we headed to Düzyayla for the enrollment. Our satchel was originally sponsored by the company Scout. Every team received one before departure in Oberstaufen and the satchel was assigned for one of 3 schools in Turkey,
When we arrived there 3 of us wore the Unicamel Team wear and had to pose for a few pictures. The women and girls wore tradition clothing! Very pretty! We handed over our satchel and had a cup of chai.

_MG_3555Unicamel Jana was spontaneously invited for a tractor ride around the soccer court.
_MG_3583We visited the cereal grinder of the village which is still in use. First thought; who needs a Thermomixer or a KitchenAid when you have such a reliable technology. Together with the kids we tried the grinder. Conclusion: works perfectly, but no chance to take it back home in our hand luggage.
_MG_3598In the early evening we arrived at driver’s camp in Cappadocia. It was a car park in front of a supermarket – our enthusiasm was immeasurable!
We took the last rays of sunshine to look at the old part of town with the famous cave flats.

_MG_3614 We ended the day with a lovely dinner and went to bed on the car park with the plan to get up early in the morning to see the sunrise over Cappadocia.

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