Day 9 – Speyside and the largest Whiskeyregion in Scotland

+++ Breaking News +++

How to make Whiskey – crank case ventilation tube – new Generation of Bully drivers

We headed towards Speyside, the Scottish region famous for some ofthe best Whiskey distilleries of the world.

We stopped to have breakfast in front of Dunrobin Castle, a beautiful castle at the east coast of Scotland. As you can see, we are not the only rallye team stopping for a picnic there.

We were supposed to meet our friends around lunchtime in Inverness when Henriette decided she liked a change of plans. While checking oil Oli found the crank case ventilation tubes hanging around somewhere in the engine.

Comment of our mechanic Bailey: Tube needs to be fixed

With a little help from the dutch team Wraptor we managed to fix the tube system with some clamp, Duct Tape and cabel ties.

After meeting our friends in Inverness we headed towards Speyside. The guys took a tour in the Glen Grant Distillery and found out that only one person working on a computer is overlooking the distillation process.

Meanwhile the next generation of bully drivers was put behind the wheels. We think she has Bully-driving already in the blood. But look for yourself:

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