Baltic Sea Circle 2017

The Unicamels are taking part on the BSC2017 this year!

In 2016 6 Unicamel were part of the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye and supported among other things a refugee camp in Greece and a small Turkish hospital near the Armenian border with medical instruments, clothes, etc.
The 3 card were given to charity in Turkey at the end of the 3 weeks. The money went to a Turkish nature conservative project.

This year, 2 of the 6 Unicamels will be on the road to take part in the northernmost Rallye in the world, the Baltic Sea Rallye.
The cars have to be older than 20 years, again the use of navigational systems and driving on highways is forbidden. The Rallye is organized by the Superlative Adventure Club. The created the Rallye with the goal to change the world with charity donations. We will be on the road for 16 days driving more than 7.500 kilometers for charity.
The last Baltic Sea Rallye raised more than 386.000 Euro.

We would like to present our two charity projects:

The Bunte Kreis Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V. is a local charity organization in the town Oli and Judith went to school. The offer unbureaucratic help to families with sick children to help them out and make their lives a little bit easier.

The second projekt is Sage Hospital, a children hospital in Senegal/Westafrica, 2 hours south of Dakar.

We will divide the gained founds equally between the both projects.

If you like to support us here is our fundraising page: