First Day

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels meet old and new friends – Volker masters the extra wide starting ramp (both survived) – snatched some garlic- Ahoy Denmark +++

We were lucky and blessed to have an easy going trip to Hamburg on Friday. We met with Björn where we also spend the night.  And on the wall from his house we were greeted by a unicorn. It must be fate.


The pre-rally meeting was in an old brewery. Due to our pretty Unicamel outfit, it’s easy to find people to talk to and we met two really nice teams. The Berliner Bummelbären, a team which starts completely in red and Team Baribal, who glued a lot of confetti on their bus. Björn introduced us to Erika’s corner (Erika’s Eck) a place where you can find good northern food for 23 h a day.


Saturday morning all the teams met at the Hamburger Fischmarkt, checked in,  recieved the legendary roadbook and had to pick up beer from the Ratsherrn Brewery, who is the official sponsor of the rally. We can use it to win the instagram challenge, to barter or make friends on the road. The roadbook includes all the challenges, we don’t have to do them, but we will do our best, although  we are not quite sure, where we can find a goat who wants to drive our car 😊

_MG_5713 _MG_5701 _MG_5717

They told us at the official meeting, that the rallyteams have raised 398.000 Euro so far. WOW!

The Unicamels met a few old friends from the Allgäu-Orient-Rally last year before we were heading back to Volker and prepared our fourth companion.


The cars started by teamnumbers, This was very well organized and our fears to be stuck at the Fischmarkt for ages weren’t confirmed and we were able to head north towards Denmark quickly.



The Unicamels proudly snatched a bulb of garlic! Everything started with a little blue paperclip in our roadbook. The challenge is to barter the little paperclip on the tour and get something more extraordinary in each country. We are only allowed to barter once in each country and not with other team members. We are very happy with our garlic and think we’re on the right way.






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