Castles and cruiseships

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels travelling back in time – Goodbye Estonia – Hello Latvia – Paperclipchallenge part 7 +++

After the unicorns left their personal fairytale, we headed to Talinn. On our way, we followed a sign showing waterfalls and where treated with a beautiful one.
Talinn is a city with a lot of contrasts. Narrow streets, cobblestone, city walls and towers so you could actually believe you have travelled in time.
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But there are also a lot of cruise ships with their passengers and old remains from the Soviet Union. For example, this old concert hall.
Luckily, we ended up in a very small coffeeshop and were able to barter our mints and the two postcards. We are now the proud owners of an Estonian Fairytale CD. The CD is of course in Estonian language.
We were on the road to Riga when we had a short stop in Pärnu, the so called Miami of Estonia.
_MG_7053 _MG_7056
When we arrived in Riga, we were supposed to fulfill our daily challenge. Find the tallest structure around the Baltic Sea., walk twice around it and take a picture of your team underneath. the structure. We figured it must be the TV tower in Riga. Unfortunately we just missed the opening hours.

Riga is a beautiful city, unfortunately we were pressed for time, but surely will be back one day.

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