Day 1 – Brussels to Brexit

+++ Breaking News +++
Brussels dispatches delegation in order to recall defectors – dramatic power loss of Henriette – team members finally complete

We made it to the starting line in Brussels at the Atomium in Style and well prepared:

We met old friends and made some new ones, even if they are not from our species!

Somehow Henriette lost power dramatically just after leaving Brussels. Later we figured out that we lost the linkage to the right throttles. Luckily we found all parts somewhere in the engine compartment and were able to fix it with the help of Team Flying Volt.

Meet our special guest Bailey! She loves being outdoors and helps with mechanical issues whenever she can.

We completed the daily challenge on Sunday morning as we arrived too late last night at our camping spot. Consecration of the knights: put your hands, your feet and your horn (head) in British waters.

It was a beautiful spot where we spend our first night close to the Seven Sisters.

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