Last Checkup

Today Henry was at the last check-up before the start of the rallye.

A small nail was also removed at this time from the right front tire.

After a thorough assessment from all sides on the lift Henry received the official “go” by the boss of Autohaus Baur personally.

Nothing should stand in the way of winning the camel!


7 days to go

Today is the big day, where we present our team in Schwäbisch Gmünd and receive our rosebushes for the peace gardens in Oberstaufen, Istanbul and Tiflis from the Major.

We will present our cars, are hoping for donations of games and school supply for the children we’ll meet on our way and hand out the special Unicamel cookies!
Come and join us for the party at M7 around 8pm.

Your support is needed!

Dear Unicamel Friends,

Less than three weeks to go until the Allgaeu-Orient-Rallye starts. We’re currently in the preparation phase, but we are confident that we have the cars ready and the equipment together for our farewell party on 23 April 2016 in Schwäbisch Gmünd 🙂


Also you can support us! At Crowd-BW you have the opportunity to donate.

As a special thank amazing personalized prizes are waiting for you!