Discovering Cappadocia

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels have fun in Love Valley! Power sightseeing and salt lake! +++

We managed to get up at 4.30 am and headed to the Love Valley View Point. We expected to find a place full of tourists and other rallye teams, but we had the view point completely by ourselves! Six Unicamels had the nicest view over the valley with the sunrise!
_MG_3781_MG_3758_MG_3769Afterwards we decided to head to Sword Valley to have breakfast. We drove up a quad track and tested how far the cars are able to go.
_MG_3878_MG_3890_MG_3921After a while a few tourist quad groups with their tour guides drove on the track and seemed to be speechless while cars were drifting on their quad track. Unicamel Kevin was spontaneously invited for a ride on one of the quads and the locals showed off their skills.
Results of the little drift event:
Dr. Sox: lost some undercoating
Obelix: lost most of his undercoating and the heat coverings
Henry: no loss, probably because he never had any undercoating

_MG_4031 We visited the Open-Air-Museum in Göreme where we were able to visit the cave monastery, a lot of cave churches and living caves. It was very impressive to see the over thousand year old frescoes on the walls.
We headed to the Uchisar castle afterwards but only had some chai while having a nice look at the castle.

_MG_4065The region of Cappadocia is not only famous for its bizarre rock formations and the caves, but also for its underground cities. So the Unicamels went underground: we visited one of the famous underground cities in Kaymakli. 8 levels underneath the ground housed thousands of people. Most of the cities had been founded years before Christi. Very impressive!
_MG_4111_MG_4116We finished our Power-Sightseeing with the Ihlara-Valley. A nice canyon with nice hiking tracks and also a lot of cave churches. We’ve never visited so many churches in our life before…
_MG_4146_MG_4156_MG_4179The trip continued to drivers’ camp close to a salt lake. We didn’t know the exact location so we stopped in front of the local police station. They were very friendly, had no idea what kind of camp we were talking about, offered us some Chai and escorted us on to the right track in the end.

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