Henry is not an easy man to deal with

+++Breaking News: Unicamels on the salt lake! Long drive with a lot of kilometres to go+++
We woke up with a nice view over the salt lake. In the night before we completed our roadbooks and were eager for the next challenge: a race around the embankment of the salt lake with a constant velocity of 40 km/h. In the middle we had two minutes time to grab exactly 777g of salt. In the end we had 838 g of wet salt…not too bad.
While we were on the road to the drivers’ camp (500 km away) the first collateral damage occurred: Henry hit a bird at 120 km/h which tried to land on his bumper. That’s where we found the bird a couple of kilometres later. The Unicamels decided to make a Viking funeral on a lake.
_MG_4344We drove to the next lake on our way but due to swamp there was no possibility to get there we decided to bury the bird in the swamp.

_MG_4407 _MG_4417

We continued driving and bought the best freshly picked cherries in the world and were invited for a cup of Chai the roadside vendors.
_MG_4432The day ended in a sheltered car par in the middle of Usak. We had dinner with Team Smile and when we came back to our camp things were crazy: locals and some of the other teams battled their cars with spinning wheels, a lot of noise and smog and quite a crowd.

_MG_4516 _MG_4493

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