Only junk?

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels at the junkyard – sharks sighted – problems with the cooling system +++

Today we left the Osterlen region down in South Sweden to travel to the Österlen area, which is well known for their trolls and is home of the biggest lake in Europe. Lake Vänern.

It didn’t take to long to get lost for the first time, but otherwise we wouldn’t have seen this beautiful castle.

_MG_5863 - Kopie

_MG_5859 - Kopie

The daily challenge was to visit a special junkyard in the forest and to find car parts or a car which could belong to a 50 year older Volker Tüvnix.


The Unicamels were very motivated:

_MG_5867 - Kopie


…and had a look everywhere:


But they couldn’t find a prime German object.





But later we saw this beautiful old Porsche on the road.


We were also able to sight a pair of sharks:


Volker felt a bit uleft out so he had to crave for attention by flashing the warning light of the cooling system. We suddenly had a lot of memories from Obelix and our rally last year…Luckily Volker was easily satisfied with a liter of water.

The search for the perfect sleeping place took two hours and was completed sucessfully.


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