Hello Sweden

+++ Breaking News: Goodbye Denmark – Hello Sweden – bartering with garlic – Unicamels are true vikings now +++

Driving on highways is only allowed on the first and the last day of the rally, so we had to leave Denmark on our first day. After a quick stop at Ina’s place, where we were able to fulfill part two of the paperclip challenge and bartered our garlic for a small bottle of Aquavit.


We picked up some Danish sand and some Baltic Sea water and drove via the longest car and trainbridge of the world to Sweden


After a night on a camping site where we met a couple of other teams we had to complete our challenge from Saturday: To perform an old viking consecration ritual.  We had to carry Danish sand, Baltic Sea water, Swedish wood and wind from the ocean on our backs while crawling on our knees around an old stone from a stone circle (Ales Stenar). This old ritual is supposed to give us a safe journey.

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