only 37 hours to go

+++ Breaking News: Donations: over 2000 € – Volker Tüvnix and the latest makeover – three little unicamel pitch on our doorstep +++


YEAH!!!!!! Donations are over 2000 €. Thank you all for donating so generously!

Unicamel Mimo came over last night to help us put the TEAM UNICAMEL adhesive stripe on our windshield and to help us built our bed.


Mimo reconstructed the Ford Focus Henry last year in a way, that he and Unicamel Kevin were able to sleep very comfortably for the three weeks during the Allgäu-Orient-Rally. So he is experienced, when it comes to difficult constructions. Luckily he got the idea to use beanbags to balance the uneven surfaces in the interior of the car. And kuckily we are currently hosting two beanbags whose owners left the country. After a nice testing nap we were able to carry all boards and other construction materials back to the cellar


Momentarily Unicamel Mimo was thinking about joining us in our trip up North- he has already found the perfect sleeping arrangements.


Today Volker got he last adhesive tape akeover with the little unicamels on the bumper and we are good to go.


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