The clock is ticking

+++ Breaking news: Only 5 more days to go! Donations: 1840 Euros! Volker Tüvnix loves looking like a real rallycar +++

We are very grateful about all the generous donations for our two projects. The Bunte Kreis Schwäbisch Gmünd and the Sage Hospital will be very happy.
We hope that we will raise some more money during our rally. Donations are accepted until the 2nd of July. If you would like to support our two projects, click on the link below:

5 more days to go and Volker Tüvnix is currently very busy. Our faithful companion is visiting different beauty palaces at the moment to bring out the rallycar, which he has been hiding for the last 25 years. Until Monday evening he will be pimped to be a true Unicamel.
Tuesday and Wednesday Volker has a date with the garage (fixing the reverse gear and a few minor problems). On Thursday we will built the bed and on Friday morning we will hopefully be on the road to Hamburg.

This Sunday we put the rest of the stickers on Volker as you can see below.





By the way, that’s how our route is roughly planned.

We are so excited!



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