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+++ Breaking News: surreal ghosts – Hill of crosses – paperclip challenge part 8 +++

We were able to complete the 8th part of the paperclip challenge with Dr. Oetker and are now the proud owners of earphones.
Driving through the land of the storks

_MG_7213 _MG_7097 _MG_7086 _MG_7085

we were looking for the secret town Skundra -1, which is even today not shown on a map.
Lativia’s most secret town, about 150 km away from Riga was the most western radar installation during the Cold War. Over 5000 soldiers from the Red army and their families used to live in Skundra-1 until 1998. There were over 550 flats, a hotel, a kindergarten, a hospital and a school. Today Skundra -1 ist still a military area and is used for training. There is a lot of training ammunition laying around in the ruins of the city were the wallpaper is tearing down. The impressions are very surreal in a city where there were people living only 20 years ago. Now nature strikes back.















_MG_7179 _MG_7180 _MG_7176 _MG_7177

Our daily challenge was to erect a cross on the Hill of crosses and make a wish. It is not only a very popular pilgrim place in Lituania, but also a monument for the Resistence during the Soviet occupation. The Communists destroyed the crosses a few times, put the people of Lituania put them back up to remember the victims of oppression. At the moment there are more than 50.000 crosses on the hill.

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