Saint Petersburg

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels in Saint Petersburg +++

We were able to safe some time on the stage Murmansk- Saint Petersburg and decided to stay in in Saint Petersburg for 2 nights.

We reached our destination close to the Admiralty building. around 7 pm and decided to head right into town due to the nice weather. We climbed over 200 steps up on Isaak’s Cathedral where you have a great 360° view of the city
_MG_6771 _MG_6779 _MG_6781 _MG_6782

Hungrily we were on the lookout for Russian food and accidently found a little restaurant which turned out to be a real gem. They showed off a lot of different objects very lovingly and we had to show you this nice bike which we found on our way to the bathrooms.


On the next morning, we decided to explore Russia’s second largest city by foot and boat. The city is also called the Venice of the East and is built on 42 islands. There are a lot of little channels throughout the city. There was a lot of information during the boattour, unfortunately in Russian, so we had to improvise and tried to find the buildings on the internet.
_MG_6796 _MG_6821 _MG_6835 _MG_6857 _MG_6870 _MG_6878After being on the windy Neva with the boat we walked to the Church of the Savior on spilled blood
and headed to the monument of Lenin, where we were supposed to fulfill another mission. Let a team member copy the pose of the monument.


We took the tram back for 60 cents (if you don’t pay the fare, you have to pay a 1,50 € fine) and got the cutest ticket ever from a seller sitting in the tram.

Before our spy-mission (daily challenge) we went out for dinner to a place called “Taste-to-Eat”. The young chefs like to interpret he traditional Russian cuisine in a modern way.
IMG_7797 IMG_7800

Afterwards we were supposed to find a Russian Beach Club and whisper the codeword “Russian Viking”. In return, we got a rally-sticker with Russian script. We don’t really know what we are supposed to do with it so far. There were a lot of other teams at the club and everyone was able to share their experiences from the last couple of days.

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