Day 3 – Battle of generations

+++ Breaking News +++

Pedicure for Henriette – relaxed European border crossing England —> Wales – offline

Still amazed how good the tire kit worked we immediately invested in a new one. But to be safe before driving in the loneliness  of the welsh Nationalpark we got a new tire for Henriette.

Randomly we ended up at The Kymin, a spot which Admiral Lord Nelson described as one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen.

And later a quick stop st some waterfalls.

Day 3 was the day of the first get together of all the teams. The daily challenge is to find the location in time. This turned out to be harder than we thought. But we made it in the end

The day was also filled with modern problems: no cellphone coverage to upload the blog, server problems of the WordPress homepage when we were finally at a cafe with WiFi.

Henriette instead did very well that day. The difference between the two different technologies is that with Henriette, we can mostly fix all our problems ourselves. Whilst with modern technologies, we are just slaves of problems, which haven’t occurred in the days of Henriette.

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