Petrozavodsk – Петрозаводск

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels lost in translation (Петрозаводск) +++

We only spend a little bit of time in  Petrozavodsk after a short night, but we were able to snatch some filled bakery goods from an older lady., who was very amused by our sign language. So we had some provision for the drive which turned into a few surprises. It was a little bit like playing Russian roulette.

_MG_6726 _MG_6731 _MG_6740 _MG_6742 _MG_6743 _MG_6745 _MG_6746 _MG_6748 _MG_6750

We were driving along on the E 105 when we found this sign:


but there was no bridge


but a vehicle ramp instead

_MG_6757 _MG_6767 _MG_6768

So only a few impressions today, the Unicamels will have a look around in Saint Petersburg for you.

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