Through the Monsoon

+++ Breaking News: Unicamels spotted inside the Monsoon! Italy – Slovenia – Croatia +++

Happy Birthday to Josh! On midnight we celebrated the birthday of our friend Josh from team Fehlzündung with Limoncello on the shoulder.


Day 2 started with a yet dry morning in the picturesque Italian harbour close to Trieste. So we took the chance to have breakfast and to fulfil a task of our roadbook: since today the Italian coastguard advertise the HOCH‘ ALP Cheesestore from the Allgäu.


Right before our departure it started to rain and turned into cats, dogs, bears and dinosaurs during the rest of the day.


The only exception was luckily our lunch break in the Croatian harbour town of Sibenik, where we were able to walk through the narrow alleys and visit the old castle without our raincoats. The daily challenge: eating Bavarian sausages with locals on our hood was completed with Trude and Gabor at the parking ground in Sibenik.




Afterwards we hit the road again. For the night we found a remote camping ground for the night shortly before the Bosnian border.


We would like to thank Rosi for the meatballs and veggie balls. The veggie balls were so good, that even the meat-eaters loved them! Also we would like to thank Elisabeth and Willi for the yummy cake. You saved and made our day!


Team Obelix appreciated their sleeping and stowing construction in the last couple of days a lot! Thanks to Pascal who helped Judith sawing and measuring, instead of learning osteopathy. He also explained everything in the hardware store, that most of the material were sponsored by Bauhaus in Stuttgart-Möhringen.

Thanks to Robin who cut it into a sports car like design- and we were finally able to close the door of the trunk.

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