The cars are packed and full of gas…Finally it’s the 29.04! We are heading off on on Friday afternoon to Oberstaufen.

After weeks of preparing for the trip 6 little Unicamels cantered their way to Oberstaufen, where we met a couple of old friends!


After signing in we received our rallye licence and the gps live tracker. Now you are able to see where we are driving and how many kilometers we are driving every day.

The company Scout handed out the backpacks… We got one with pirates on it. Fearless, Full of courage and adventure… Like the unicamels…
Then the Unicamels hit the dancefloor after having tasted the very yummy turkish food prepared for us! Thank you organization committee for these culinary treats.

We met old and made new friends. We got to know Gerd and Klaus-Dieter who were part of the Team Lebenshilfe and did the rallye in 2013. We feel honored as they will wave the flags for us at the starting ramp!

And then: the grand finale! Unicamel Kevin galloped on stage and sang Angels from Robbie Williams… He sure made this a night to remember for all of us.


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